After meditation, Lauren has us move right into delivering Messages.  The first one to present to the group is a girl whom I know to be very talented, as she channeled Mom and read for me in our first class, and then I channeled her father in the 2nd; the very gifted Katie.  What I really like with Lauren is her ability to read the energy with you and she can help guide you when you aren’t sure what is being presented to you by spirit.  Lauren helped guide Katie just as she did with me the previous session when I was channeling her father and being presented with these images that I was confusing with my own child hood memories, yett I knew that they weren’t mine.   As Katie completed her reading, other people began lining up with messages to deliver and raising their hand…

Meanwhile, as all this is going on and people are giving readings and messages, my head begins to turn and peer to the right, my attention directed to the other side of the room.  I realize that my gaze is then drawn to a woman who I can’t see because of the angle of myself, her and the person next to her which obstructs my view.  OK… Whatever.  I need to pay attention to what is happening in class.  I readjust myself and refocus my attention to what is taking place in the classroom.

Sure enough… I feel it again… Like my head is being turned and made aware of someone on the other side of the room. … What the Hell!!  I feel the brushing and tingling over my left ear which is a signal that spirit is trying to talk to me.  Then I hear it… PHYSICALLY Hear it!  “Are you even listening to me?!”

“!!  OK!   Fine!  If we are going to do this then you need to help me.” I whisper quietly to myself.
I see the vision of a woman, short, about my height, white hair, glasses, not sure of her nationality but definitely feisty.  So I start asking questions in my head  and writing in my notebook. 
It is getting close to the end of class and the spirit energy is really picking up around me; in my head I hear “Are you going to do this or not cause you’re running out of time!”   Seriously, when spirit has a message, they will get it conveyed if it really needs to be conveyed… So as Lauren is going around asking if there’s anyone else I just say fine, and raise my hand.   “...And then Brant, you’ll be our last one.”

“OK… so I have an older woman who has been very adamant about getting me up here.  She said to me “Are you even listening to me??”   She told me she was/is about 67 years old and I’m not sure what the significance is, but she told me that Salem is Very Important to her.  She died due to complications of the esophagus or throat… Is anyone able to take any of this information?”

Sure enough, one of the women on the other side of the room that I was having my head turned and pointed in the direction of, meekly raised her hand.  Ironically, she was the only woman to raise her hand in the room.  The woman, (we will call her Nancy), said that she felt bad because she felt like she was hogging all the spirit readings!  Lauren interjected and stated “you shouldn’t feel like that because there will be times when there are messages that need to be conveyed and tonight is your night!”

“How do you connect with this woman?” I asked.                                                                                           “I believe it is my Mother.”
"She kept turning my head towards you when I was in the back of the room. she kept saying to me

“Are you even listening to me?!” (as I had pounded on my notebook.)                                                           “Yup!  That’s my mother!”  

I felt a shift within myself and now everything just turned up into High Gear!!!

“She is showing me that she has 2 cats…  Did she have 2 cats?”                                                                 “Yes”
“A calico and a coon?”                                                                                                                                     Nancy gasped a little, covered her head and replied  “Yes…”
“She is telling me how she Loves her cats”                                                                                                    “Yep Yep!  She adored her cats!:
“I keep hearing… dooo doo doooo … Like someone is singing to me”                                                          “That’s because my mother was a singer.”
“And how does Auburn or Auburndale fit in to that?” I asked…                                                                     "She sang in a festival in Auburn/Auburndale

I closed my session with spirit by asking if there was any remaining message to convey.   Then, almost like I was in a trance, words just came out of my mouth… “I am so God Damn Proud of You!” 

Nancy laughed, she said "That sounds just like something my mother would say!"

Lauren did have a piece of advice though… “Lose the notebook, it’s a crutch cause if you ever train with John Holland, he won’t let you use it and it can hold you back from your reading and delivering the message from the energy and spirit.”

Nancy also had a comment for me. “I would just like to add 1 last piece of information for validation… My mother worked in the District courts in Salem and loved her job there!”  For me, Channeling is very personal.  It’s like connecting with a person you only just met; truthfully, it can be very emotional and I want to be thankful to them, for allowing me to present their message. Gratitude to Spirit, and really, Life in general, is so very important. For Everyone.  You begin to realize that when you are witnessing True Mediumship in action; you're actually witnessing a Miracle in action, right in front of you.

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My second Mediumship training class.  "Would I be able to do what I did before?  You know what… I’m not going to try cause when I try, I'll end up trying too hard and then nothing will end up working.  I am going to sit right here, learn and just observe others today." … Or so I thought…

I am sitting in the back of the classroom where our Teacher, the beautifully talented Lauren Rainbow, is explaining to the class what to expect, how she teaches and how she works, for those new to the class and preparing us for our meditation.

Hear Me!  I'm Talking to You...

January 14th, 2014 

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During her instructions she explained to us the symbolism of numbers and numerology, and one person stated how they were seeing a recurring theme with numbers.  As Lauren explained, she touched on something significant, at least to me.  I’ve ALWAYS felt connected to the number 9.  It’s been my lucky number and at the same time has also been a sign of struggle. For Example: Mom was born on the 19th and died on the 29th.  1999 was my year of LIVING HELL!!!  My first Trifecta where I kept reliving some events in Triplicate…  3 Car Accidents, 3 Losses, 3 Significant Life Changes – identifying as Gay, Realizing I was in Love and not having it returned, Ready to move out and then having it all taken away… 3 Changes in my Career. It was a very tumultuous year and one I was glad to have behind me.

The significance or definition with the Number 9 represents Completion and/or The End of a Cycle.  So of course this gets me thinking…  What is it am I completing?  Is this my 9th reincarnation?  Is this the last test of my soul?  I have been told by many and have always known, that I am “An Old Soul”.  I wonder with hesitation what still lies ahead of me… but not today… and Lauren is now leading us into our Meditative state so that we can be open to spirit.