Q) What should I expect from a reading?

A)With an Intuitive, Tarot Card, Mediumship or Psychic reading, I will provide you some universal guidance and hopefully some perspective on your given situation, so that you might be able to make a more informed decision.  With a Mediumship reading, you can expect to  hear from one or more loved ones in spirit.  You will be completely safe.  Neither you or I will be possessed or harmed in any way. They will come forth to blend with my energy in order to give validation that they are here and to bring forth a message of healing and love.

Q) Will Psychic Readings always come true?

A) As much as we may want our readings to come true, or not come true for that matter, we can never guarantee that a reading will or will not come true.  A Psychic or Intuitive Reading is an interpretation of the energy at that particular moment in time, based upon the actions that you have taken in the past, and actions that you might take in the future.  However, there are other factors which come into play which can affect your outcome.  Free will, third party actions, sudden unexpected or unforeseen changes in lifestyle.  For example, I may see you continuing to grow within your career and get a promotion, but you may get laid off the next week, something I did not foresee, because I did not know that the CEO may have made a poor investment.  A few weeks later, you start a new job at a new company, with more responsibility, a more prominent title and a higher salary!  All of these outside events can indirectly impact your future outcome.

Q) What if my Intuitive or Tarot Card Reading doesn't make sense?

A) It is not uncommon for the cards or for the information I may receive to not apply to the question you may be asking.  Reason for this can range from timing, shifts in energy, or a lesson that has yet to be learned.  Our own emotions can have a very large impact on the cards and my abilities.  Remember, spirit is here to help guide you, but it can't completely solve the problem.  That is up to you and your free will.

Readings and Questions

As an Intuitive Medium, I receive a lot of questions about how my gifts work and what an experience may be like.  I have written up this section to help prepare you for your reading with me, and to give you a bit of an idea of what you might expect.  If you are already familiar with readings and ready to register a service, Click the Services button to go to my Services page where you can register for a reading, make a deposit and where someone will reach out to schedule a time for us to meet!


Q) How does an Intuitive Psychic reading work?

A) An Intuitive or Psychic reading is when I will tune into the energy around you, your aura, and the universe.  I may receive information automatically when you sit down, or  with regards to a specific question you may ask by either seeing it, hearing it, feeling it, or just knowing it.  I will do my best to convey the information that I am receiving to you so that you may understand.

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Q) How does a Mediumship reading work?

A) A Mediumship reading is a 3 way communication.  I will connect with your loved ones in spirit, bring forth evidence in an attempt to prove that while they are no longer in this physical world, their soul does indeed still live on.  Once we have all connected Heart to Heart, I will bring forth a message from them that you will hopefully be able to relate to.

Q) How much information should I provide in a reading?

A) The less information you provide, the better I can connect to your aura, energy and spirit.  I will ask minimal questions, doing my best to provide you with more statements.  Sometimes I may need clarification, and ask you to explain.  With an Intuitive, Psychic or Tarot reading, I will ask you what is it that you want me to focus on? Love? Career? Existing Relationship? Usually just the topic, I will do the rest.  With a Mediumship reading, it's best to refrain from providing me too much information.  Your best answers are Yes, No, Maybe and I don't know.


As an Intuitive Medium, Brant does his best to connect with the universe and with spirit to bring you messages from the other side of the Spirit world.  Mediumship and Psychic, Intuitive Readings are an inaccurate art, and Brant will attempt to provide you with as much accuracy as possible.  Brant cannot connect with celebrities that have passed on unless you have had a relationship experience with them in your life.  In the event that Brant is unable to connect with Spirit or the Universe, Brant reserves the right to either reschedule your session or shorten at a reduced rate.   Readings and Consultation services are for entertainment purposes and are not a substitute for licensed professional services. 

Q) How does a Tarot Card reading work?

A) A Tarot cards is made up of 78 cards, each of which has a specific meaning relating to a particular concept of life, or experience. The cards are shuffled and then laid out in a ‘spread’ pattern on a table, each position may represent a particular aspect of life, time or circumstance.  The reader then looks at how the meaning of a card corresponds to the clients current state of life.  With the law of synchronicity and the energy of the universe, the Tarot Cards can help to predict potential life events for you to make a more informed decision.

Q) What's it like to receive a message from spirit?

A)I truly feel honored to perform this work for Spirit.  I take the responsibility to serve very seriously.  I hope you will feel connected to your loved ones in Spirit to truly feel the love they have to give as if they were still physically here on earth with us.  You may feel warm,  happy or sad, you may even feel lighter!  Remember, they are no longer in any pain, are not suffering with any ailments, addictions or bad behaviors in the Spirit world.  Those are human experiences and does not define who they are in spirit. They are pure love!

Q) What questions can I ask the Tarot Cards?

A)There's a whole bunch of questions that you can ask of the Tarot Cards.
Here are some examples:
What new direction should I be focusing on?
What’s the source of the problem?
What’s causing this emotional blockage?
What does this dream mean?
How is this particular person affecting my life?
What’s growing in my life?
What are some obstacles I am to face?
What’s damaging to the situation?
What is the spirit world trying to tell me?
What lesson is it that I need to learn and to know?
How do I deal with this particular problem?
What have I overlooked in a particular situation?
What inspiring information does the universe have in store for me?
Is there a situation that I need to pay attention to?
What signs am I missing that I need to see?